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3 Tips For Reducing Shoplifting In Your Retail Business

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Does your store have a shoplifting problem? Are you looking for low-cost ways to resolve it? You may not have the money for a high-tech security system. However, the good news is that there are plenty of more affordable things you can do to cut down on your shoplifting losses.

Rearranging your store, training your staff, and even increasing your signage can all discourage shoplifters from targeting your store. Here are three steps you can take to reduced shoplifting:

Rearrange your store to discourage shoplifters. Potential shoplifters look for tucked away, hidden places where they can sneak an item in a pocket or under a shirt. You can reduce a lot of shoplifting by simply eliminating hidden locations. Arrange your shelving so that the tallest shelves are all around the perimeters of the store. That will keep the store open so you can see the entire floor. Keep shorter shelves close to cash registers so they're in plain view. 

Also, be sure to keep the shelves clean and organized. When your shelves are messy, you're inadvertently sending a message to shoplifters that you don't pay attention to your inventory. They may peg you as an easy target, assuming that you won't notice even if they do steal something. A neat, organized shelf sends the message that you and your employees are always paying attention.

Train your employees to be friendlier. Friendly employees are a great shoplifting deterrent. Why? Because when your employees take the time to interact with a potential shoplifter, the shoplifter knows that someone has seen his or her face. They can no longer sneak in and out undetected. Just that simple action can be enough to discourage a shoplifter from going any further.

Put a greeter near the front of the store to say hello to people as they enter. Make sure the greeter makes firm eye contact with each person who enters. Also, have employees frequently ask shoppers if they need help with anything. That kind of personal interaction may spook a shoplifter into abandoning your store.

Hire a security guard. If shoplifting still persists, put a security guard on location, especially during the hours when shoplifting is most prevalent. The sight of a uniformed security guard is often enough to scare off any would-be shoplifter. While a security guard will cost money, it may be only a fraction of what you're losing to shoplifting on a regular basis. Also, if you use the guard strategically, you can manage the expense.

For more information, contact a security company. They can help you decide whether you need a  and during which times. To learn more, contact a company like Palisade Group Security Service.